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We are emerging gradually from the constraints and protective measures imposed by the global health pandemic. Our management team continues to work through the details of government and health mandates and remains committed to minimizing the disruption to the lives and interests of our employees, clients and business associates. Read more…

Our Mission
We design and manufacture refined and premium furniture for the workplace. Our design sophistication brings elegance and productivity to work environments; our adaptive manufacturing approach delivers value to the client’s budget.
Our Philosophy
Elegance works. People want to look good; it is part of their self-esteem, part of how they project themselves. When people feel good about themselves and their physical environment, they are productive and conduct themselves with confidence and assurance. We use disciplined design, modern engineering techniques, quality materials, and a high level of craft in our production to achieve a high level of elegance for our clients.
Our Scope
TUOHY offers a complete portfolio of products for all areas of the workplace. We are committed to bringing a high level of materiality and detail to staff level areas as well as the executive suite. We offer casework, seating and tables for reception, conference, admin, mid-and-executive management, as well as open plan areas. Our product offerings present a continuity of design spirit as well as a shared commonality of details and fine materials. From this palette designers can weave a singular design voice on behalf of their clients, demarking organizational and hierarchal boundaries according to the priorities and cultural philosophy of the client.
Our Method
Amidst our portfolio of products is a flexible system and methodology for production. We regularly work with designers and clients to modify our products to better suit project needs. Changes in dimension, materiality, and function are accommodated without significant impact on project lead-time and budgets. The world’s finest, natural and sustainable materials are merged with engineered solutions to present a robust environment for the production of the most elegant solutions for workplace products.


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