Nika Folding Tables

Nika tables bring a clean and elegant look to conference and meeting spaces that need to be flexible.  They easily reconfigure, fold and nest as needed for the space and activity.   Folding and nesting is nearly effortless for quick configurations of the room, while saving space when tables are not in use, even with tables up to 60" deep. Bumpers between tables protect tops from dents and scratches when nesting. A clever ganging mechanism pivots from under each top to easily connect tables together.   There is ample storage for cords and power supply units in the space below the worksurface.  The leg panel easily lifts off to route and conceal cords from the table to the floor.   Rolling casters are concealed in the base and a stabilizing glide can be simply lowered to keep tables in place while in use as needed.

Design By The Tuohy Team:

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